*This is one of those stories that make you say to yourself, “I’m glad I’m not that person.”

We’re talking about Cindi Avila who claims she was bitten by a swarm of bedbugs at an iconic Bahamas resort.

Avila is suing the famous Atlantis Resort over the horrific bites she says she got from who knows how many bed bugs, and she has creepy crawly video to back it up.

Avila claims she checked into the hotel back in January 2016 and woke up with bites all over her body, some of which left her scarred, reports TMZ. In her court papers, Avila says a bed bug infestation erupted in her room, and she’s blaming the hotel for failing to change the bed skirt.

Avila says she shot video of the bugs in action when she lifted mattress. She’s suing for damages, mental anguish and medical costs.

In response, an Atlantis Resort rep says the hotel “immediately took the room out of service, brought in the property’s professional pest company to eradicate the problem” and compensated Avila for her stay.

The rep also says they offered to reimburse her medical bills … but Avila said no thanks ’cause she’s also been bitten by the litigation bug and she’s creeping up on a big payday.