*Two black women got into a heated exchange over President Trump and other race related issues while riding on a packed New York subway. Video of the shouting match was posted online Wednesday (Feb. 8).

As the train was headed to The Bronx, the women argued for about eight minutes straight about the president, whether black people “started slavery” and the disrespect of Muslims.

It appeared that one of the women, who was wearing a blue scarf, confronted the other woman about an earlier incident on the train that was not captured on film. The woman in the scarf accused the other woman of disrespecting a Muslim girl who was apparently on the train.

“You want to fight on a train for Donald Trump? It’s a free country, that’s what Donald Trump just taught you. You want to fight with a Muslim? I’m Muslim,’” said the woman in the blue-scarf.

“You were just disrespecting the girl… disrespecting a Muslim. You were just being racist. We’ve got Donald Trump for that, we don’t need another black person like you downgrading another black person. That’s why we’re at where we’re at right now.”

The other woman, who appeared to sipping beer from a plastic bag, said: “I was just speaking my motherf***ing mind.”

Things escalated, and soon a woman in a fur coat jumped in on behalf of Beer Woman, threatening to fight Blue Scarf when they left the subway. That’s when the Beer Woman said the first thing she was going to do was rip off Blue Scarf’s wig.

At one point, Beer Woman asked her, “Why you walking around in some white b***h s**t?’”

Blue Scarf retorted: “You’re going to make me lose it. You were just promoting Trump and you asking me why I’m wearing white s**t? Why are you promoting a white man?”

Beer Woman demanded to know what she had against white people before adding that black people started slavery.

Footage of the pair arguing ended when they got off the train, and fellow passengers cheered their departure.