*(Via EXPRESS) – ARE you having as much sex as the average person? A recent survey has revealed how much time we really spend in-between the sheets. How do you compare?

The average person spends 117 days of their life doing the deed, according to the survey.

That makes up 0.45 per cent of our lives, according to sports brand Reebok.

More data has revealed the average British person will have sex 5,778 times before they die – which seems like quite a lot on paper.

This equates to sex once every 2.7 days if you are sexually active between the ages of 16 and 60.
A 2008 study of Canadian and American sex therapists found the average time for men to last in bed was seven minutes.

According to the study by Reebok, people run the circumference of the world 1.9 times in their lifetimes.

The median amount time for a man to last during sex is 5.4 minutes

couple in bed (b&w)

We spend 1,765 of our lives socialising with our friends and family and a scary 10,625 looking at a technological advice.

Average sex stamina can be a cause of concern for men who worry they don’t last long enough in bed.

Researchers in 1991 from the Kinsey Institute found: “75 percent of men ejaculated within two minutes of penetration at least half of the time.”

According to science the median amount time for a man to last in the bedroom is 5.4 minutes, according to a 2005 study.

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