scene from film*Audiences are expected to turn out this weekend for the Universal/Blumhouse thriller, “Get Out” — with an estimated $20M-$25M opening at 2,773 theaters, per

“Get Out,” a psychological thriller written and directed by actor Jordan Peele, earned a coveted 100-percent score on the film review website Rotten Tomatoes. As Huff Post notes, only four films of hundreds released in 2016 earned a 100-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film marks the feature directorial debut of Emmy-winner Peele, and centers on a young African American man (Daniel Kaluuya) visits his Caucasian girlfriend’s (Girls’ Allison Williams) family and terror ensues.

“I take a devilish glee in putting something that’s not politically correct into the mainstream,” said Peele, who also wrote “Get Out.” He described the movie as a “social thriller,” according to entertainment news site IGN.

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'Get Out' director & writer Jordan Peele

‘Get Out’ director & writer Jordan Peele

Peele told USA Today that he was originally going to explore “the fears of being an outsider,” but he later decided the theme should be about race.

“It just seemed to be a very taboo piece of the discussion to talk about something so horrific as racism in any type of genre other than a film about slavery or something,” Peele said.

The film explores black-white relations, with white people as the antagonists.

“I knew that this premise was a very tricky one and one that has a lot of potential pitfalls,” Peele said in an interview with IGN. “I knew that the only way to make this movie work, besides getting the tone right, was that the plot would have to reveal the judgments and the presumptions we would have about the movie are in fact our presumptions,” he continued.

“Get Out” is in theaters now.