*Beyoncé’s sample of late New Orleans rapper Messy Mya in her single “Formation” may end up costing her millions.

According to TMZ, the singer is being sued by the rapper’s estate for over $20 million for sampling his voice in the hit song without permission.

The lawsuit from the estate of Messy Mya, real name Anthony Barré, claims she used a snippet of Barré’s voice saying, “Oh, yes, I like that,” which comes from the YouTube star’s 2010 video “A 27-Piece Huh?”

Listen below (the sample begins at the 1 min mark):

Below, is Barre’s original video:

According to TMZ, the estate claims a rep tried to contact Beyoncé about the sample, but was unsuccessful.

Barré’s estate is reportedly asking for over $20 million in royalties and other damages because the recording features some of the late rapper’s last recorded words. The video was uploaded about a month before Barré’s death.