In case you missed it, Beyonce is pregnant with twins and the Internet has exploded.

Hollywood gossip sites got put on hold earlier last week when Beyonce posted an ethereal picture of herself on Instagram, covered in a green sheath of fabric, holding her stomach. Now, while Beyonce has seemingly been the head of black celeb gossip since her rise to fame in the mid-2000s, posting this photo has sparked a change in the world of maternity photography as a whole.

Now, with Beyonce’s net worth of $450 million, combined with her husband Jay-Z’s $650 million, this power duo is worth about $1 billion dollars. So, of course, her pregnancy announcement would be over the top and dramatic. However, the fact that the singer posed in her underwear to show off her growing bump is what is turning heads, not the announcement itself.

Even though she has been breaking glass ceilings concerning women in the workforce, fans still cannot seem to get over the fact Beyonce is a woman showing her bare stomach in a photo. Social historian Dr. Nicola Goc explains to ABC that it is only within the past decade that it is becoming the norm to see pregnant women in photos. But still, when they are photographed, they traditionally are fully clothed.

Goc explains,”Most people didn’t photograph or want to be photographed pregnant. You didn’t want to be seen in that way … it was just the way we were conditioned.”

Beyonce herself even followed by this rule, announcing her first pregnancy fully clothed during the2011 MTV Video Music Awards. But now, things are a little different, perhaps keeping with the trend that Beyonce is diving headfirst into banishing traditional cultural norms.

But no matter how you look at it, Beyonce’s announcement was well received around the globe. One Los Angeles-based male actor even reenacted her shots to tell the world that every body, male or female, is worthy of applause. Ben Yahr created a shot-by-shot recreation of Beyonce’s entire pregnancy album in an effort to boost body positivity, and as explained to the Huffington Post, “My goal with these photos was to channel Beyoncé and encourage everyone to embrace their bodies and feel sexy and strong and worthy of applause.”

So it seems that the latest Hollywood gossip is worthy of a little more praise if that can at all be possible.