uber jealousy

*I can kind of see that. A marriage hitting the rocks because of Uber.

But not for the reasons this man is claiming, and further, actually suing the company over.

What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on THAT courtroom wall. His lawsuit claims that since the app “lingers” … as in — doesn’t shut off after he is done driving — his wife peeped his pick up and drop off points and accused him of cheating.


I don’t know dude. Sounds like your marriage may have been on shaky ground to begin with. But who am I?

I do, however, want to explain my why. I speak from experience. Driving Uber can be very addictive. You almost feel guilty when you’re not driving. And when you DO go to visit people; say, on a “day off” (if you can muster up a justification to take one) you are secretly thinking, “I’m wasting time! I could be out making money!”

I know. It’s terrible. I’m not even gonna front.

But back to Mr. “Soon-to-be-single.” According to local UK media, he’s suing Uber for $45 million dollars.

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