Christopher Darden and the late Johnny Cochran in background during the OJ case

*Christopher Darden, the prosecutor who tried to convict OJ Simpson back in the day, has got a baby mama problem.

Apparently she’s exasperating him so much that all he do is unleash a string of foul expletives at her and harass her via email. This, according to what the woman says in court docs filed against Darden.

Celia Smith says the former prosecutor has been going at her on the regular … including earlier this month when he fired off a too hot to handle email that referred to her, among other things as a “dirty nasty low budget porn c**t stripper lot lizard prostitute.” The email continued, “You suck and f**k d**ks for the whole world to see.”

Damn, damn, damn Darden. That’s some pretty hard core stuff. He must’ve been inspired by Remy Ma’s “shETHER” diss against Nicki Minaj.

On the other hand, maybe the email came from someone other than Darden ’cause it had a different address. Maybe, but Ms. Smith believes he was using a fake email account.

And that’s the problem … for Celia Smith. She filed legal papers in an attempt to get a restraining order against Darden, but the court is not feeling her. Apparently there was no proof Darden was behind the emails. A hearing was scheduled for today, Tuesday, so she could present further evidence … if she has any.

Darden’s got nasty history with Smith; they have a daughter together. According to TMZ, he got a restraining order against HER for harassing him last year.