The return of “Empire” from its 3-month hiatus is just around the corner in March.

And in a new promo for the show set to air during the Super Bowl game tomorrow, Taraji P. Henson‘s character, Cookie Lyon is wielding a baseball bat to make a point.

Actually, in the promo, Cookie smashes up Empire Entertainment headquarters and passionately makes out with Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) to the soundtrack of Haddaway’s 1993 hit “What Is Love.”

In the trailer/promo, Cookie does some damage as her relationship with Empire CEO and ex-husband Lucious Lyon –  played by Terrence Howard – comes to a head.

It begins as a dazzling Cookie struts through the hall of the Empire Entertainment offices wielding a baseball bat to confront her ex in both love and business.

cookie with baseball bat

The scene cuts to audio of the Empire matriarch explaining to her son:

“What me and your father got is very deep.”

A montage quickly flashes through the show’s three seasons, giving glimpses of all the drama and betrayal that has brought us here blended with sneak peaks of some of the show’s season-ending action.

The vengeful Cookie confronts her ex, angrily accusing the father of her children by saying:  ‘You built this company on my back, And you want to erase me?’

It seems that the connection between the two might be as ‘deep’ as Cookie says, with the trailer ending with a steamy kiss between Cookie and a somewhat worse-for-wear Lucious.


cookie & lucious kiss after fight

Fans were left hanging at the mid-season finale when an FBI investigation freezes Empire Entertainment’s assets and the fate of the business is left hanging in the balance.

The smash hit has kept fans rapt over its three seasons, earning awards for both the show’s story and its killer soundtrack.

Watch all new episodes of “Empire” when it returns on Wednesday, March 22 at 9/8c on Fox.