Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx

*Croatian police have filed disorderly conduct charges against two people accused of using a racial slur against Jamie Foxx at a restaurant.

Foxx had been in Dubrovnik filming “Robin Hood: Origins,” in which he plays Little John. The actor posted a video of the aftermath to his Instagram page, revealing in comments that two men had called him “crncuga.” The term is Croatian for “nigger,” according to Total Croatia News.

In the second video, Foxx said the staff escorted the two men out of the restaurant. Foxx has since deleted both videos…but not before social media got its hands on the footage.

Watch below:

Police said they responded to reports of “particularly arrogant and rude” insults being made against diners. They said one insult was made against “one of the guests on racial grounds” but did not name Foxx as the target.

Local cops have now filed disorderly conduct charges against two men aged 44 and 50, and are investigating whether to pursue other charges against them.