tammy & darius

*Now we’re going through the he say-she say phase as far as accusations between actor Darius McCrary and his wife, former Harlem Globetrotter Tammy Brawner are concerned. Today, HE’s saying she lied on him and that’s he was attacked by her with a flat iron.

Can you say “messy situation?”

Yesterday (02-22-17) we reported that Brawner got a restraining order against McCrary because he allegedly abused their baby daughter and attacked her. This supposedly went down 2 weeks ago. In legal documents, she says he hit her in the head with his forearm and threw objects at her, all in front of their 16-month-old daughter.

Well that’s what she says. But now in new legal docs requesting a restraining order, obtained by TMZ, McCrary is putting the blame on Brawner. He says SHE is the one who became verbally abusive before throwing the iron at him and burning his chest in the process that resulted in 2nd degree burns.

There’s MORE. He goes on to say Brawner has a history of violence and he’s had to call the cops 3 times. He says she’s threatened him with a knife.


darius tammy & baby

In his legal documents, McCray has a theory about the situation. He says Tammy is “desperate for stardom” and he’s worried she’ll neglect their daughter to achieve new-found fame. He also says she’s super competitive with him and jealous of his fame.

So that begs the question, “Why the hell are these two together?

In any event, here’s the weird, but maybe appropriate bottom line: A judge granted Darius’ request for a temporary restraining order/TRO and ordered Tammy to move out of the family house. But she also got a TRO which required him to pack his bags and leave.

Again, can you say “messy situation?”