Hannah and Derek Jeter

Hannah and Derek Jeter

*Derek and Hannah Jeter are in a family way.

On Monday, the “Project Runway: Juniors” host, 26, revealed she is expecting her first child, a girl, with the Yankees icon.

“Big moments also have a funny way of making you look ahead,” she wrote in a post on her husband’s sports website, The Players’ Tribune. “Now, pregnant with our first child, Derek and I are looking to the future.”

While the couple did not reveal what their daughter’s name will be, the former shortstop, 42, has already decided what the future slugger will be called.

“He already has a name in mind—he’s set on it. (We’ll see.),” Hannah wrote. “Whatever her name is, I know she’ll run circles around him.”

Hannah also said she and Derek want their children to live as “normal” a life as possible.

“They’re going to be born into such an extraordinary situation. They’re going to have to be some strong little people. We don’t want them to be defined by their dad’s name—for them, we want him to just be ‘Dad,’” Hannah wrote.

As for whether their baby will follow Pops into sports, Hannah says, “We’re gonna have a little talk first.”

The couple got hitched in Napa last July.