Erykah Badu and Mama Shella

Erykah Badu and Mama Shella

*Erykah Badu gave fans a glimpse of her other gig as a doula in a video that features both Badu and the expectant mother performing the “So Gone” challenge through the labor pains.

The nearly three minute clip was posted to the Lover’s Lane Birth Center’s Facebook page under the title, “Strong Mama with Doula Erykah Badu birth video.”

It starts off with Badu driving to assist “Mama Shella,” a pregnant mother of four in Dallas, who is awaiting Badu’s arrival at the Lovers Lane Birth Center in Richardson, TX.

The beat then drops on Monica’s “So Gone,” and the challenge begins. Footage cuts to Mama Shella in a birthing tub, rapping: “I’m from an island/if I had a girl she would hula/helping me get through the/natural birth/Miss Badoula…”

Badu then comes in with the hook, but with the words, “You make me feel soooo groooown.”

“And I’ve been so gone leading up to this event/went from 150 to 200 pounds/S—t, all I did was just lay around…” the mother raps in her second verse.

The two go on to trade verses and hooks, even through the mother’s pain.  Eventually, this all culminated with the birth of Baby Daren.

Watch below: