Dog blamed for shooting woman

*Well here’s one that has law enforcement scratching their collective heads.

Police showed up to the Florida home of 25-year-old Brian Murphy to follow up on a 911 call that came in last Tuesday night.

However, when they got to the home they were told that Diesel, Murphy’s dog, had gone into the bedroom of a sleeping woman, and shot her.

Did you hear what I just said? A man blamed his dog for shooting his girlfriend.

According to a report from Jacksonville’s WJAX-TV Murphy told police that he and Summer Miracle, his girlfriend, were asleep in the bedroom when the dog came in and woke them because he needed to go outside. Upon their return to the house Murphy, according to First Coast News, said the dog went first.

You see where this is going right?

Murphy said he then saw a flash and heard a bang; and believe the dog jumped up on a nightstand where there was a gun, and it went off.

Wow! What are the odds the gun just happened to be pointed towards his girlfriend?

Go to EURThisNthat for confirmation.