EUR: Is ‘Get Out’ Based On Jordan Peele’s Life? from EURweb on Vimeo.

*Jordan Peele is making his directorial debut in “Get Out.” A horror film about a Black man meeting his White girlfriend’s family for the first time. EUR corresponded Fahnia Thomas spoke with the comedian about interracial dating and the making of the thriller.

EUR: Are there any events in “Get Out” you experienced in your own life?

Jordan Peele: I wrote this movie before I met my wife, so it’s not based on my marriage…although, she might say it is to mess with her family because she’s hilarious like that…But at the same time, this film very autobiographical, in that its very much from all kinds of situations.

Bradley Whitford plays Dean in 'Get Out'

Bradley Whitford plays Dean in ‘Get Out’

EUR: What sets this film apart from other thrillers?

Jordan Peele: Anytime I’m in a situation where I’m the only black person there is this weird balance. It’s like your kind of keyed into these little subtle things, where people are probably distracted. But then you are also kind of wondering if you’re the paranoid one…And then you’re also thinking am I the one making assumptions. It’s a very confusing situation to feel like the outsider but also a perfect place to put the protagonist of a horror movie.

Bradley Whitford: What’s interesting about this movie is it gets to something…overt racism we can dismiss and call out. This film gets to a really uncomfortable thing about how we deal with race, how uncomfortable it is, and how it’s an issue that didn’t go away with the election of Barack Obama.

Daniel Kaluuya & Jordan Peele on the set of 'Get Out'

Daniel Kaluuya & Jordan Peele on the set of ‘Get Out’

EUR: What’s the best way to tell your parents you’re in an interracial relationship?

Jordan Peele: It depends who your parents are. But probably as far away from them as possible, you want to be able to hang up a phone.

Daniel Kaluuya: I dated an Indian girl and that was cool. But my mom doesn’t want me to date anyone who isn’t Ugandan, so it’s hard because everyone is kind of, out of bounds. Plus, everyone in Uganda is my cousin, so it’s like a really weird situation to be in.

“Get Out” arrives in theaters February 24.