Dang, talk about being straight up jacked! We wouldn’t blame Kanye West for siccing his legal team on some nitwit rapper who’s using Ye’s association with President Trump to make a name for himself.

Dude’s name is King Myers. He just released a tune called “Propaganda” and basically appropriated Kanye’s brand .. without asking, although even if he did ask, we all know what the answer would be.

The bottom line is that he slapped Kanye’s fingerprints all over it — using ‘Ye’s Twitter avatar as his cover art and proclaiming it was produced by ‘Ye.

Well of course it’s not true. (Another case of alternative facts, we suppose.) Kanye sources say West has nothing to do with the track, and he’s put his lawyers on the job to get his name and art removed from the project.


photo mashup: tmz

On the other hand, you have to give the guy credit for being ballsy enough, er, stupid enough to to ttry and get away with an outright LIE. If nothing else, King Myers has good timing — precisely timing the release of the song to coincide with Kanye’s move to distance himself from Trump.

Listen above  as the song takes several jabs at Trump — such as asking Allah why Trump’s still alive and the chant … “Stand up, time to impeach the president!”

source: tmz