*Reality TV is the door that many forgotten celebrities choose to enter once they’ve faded into obscurity, or when they’re looking to revitalize their image. Keyshia Cole fits both categories.

In case her name doesn’t ring a bell — because it’s been a while since she’s done anything remotely interesting — Cole is a semi-talented R&B singer and former reality TV star.

She’s also the daughter of reformed drug-addict and the estranged wife of a retired NBA player who’s known more for his inability to stay faithful than his skills on the hardwood. All of this baggage is why Cole was allegedly approached with an offer to have a recurring role on the fourth season of VH1’s increasingly popular reality series “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

According to recent reports, Cole asked for 1 million dollars to appear on the show. Unfortunately, her exorbitant financial demands have thrown a wrench in the negotiation process, causing executives to look elsewhere for additional casting. We at EURweb imagine that whoever calls the shots at VH1 probably laughed themselves into a coma when Cole, a C-list celebrity at best, requested to be paid like she’s Beyonce.


Keyshia Cole

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During her interview with The Breakfast Club, Keyshia revealed that Mona Scott Young reached out to her a few times to try and make it happen.

“Mona [Scott Young] reached out to me a few times and reached out to Remy [Ma] and reached out to my management and was just asking if I would be willing to do it. And I was just like, I think it’s a great platform for artists — you know — if you do it right. I wouldn’t want to be in like all the crazy stuff.”

Back in February 2016, it was first rumored that Daniel joined the ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’ franchise for season 3 and that she would be appearing with him. Clearly that never happened. Despite having some interest over the years, the network just couldn’t get the numbers right.

“We shot some numbers around and I told her what it would take for me to be on the show and she said she would go back and try to get with them because it was like a number that was obviously [high],” said Keyshia.

When asked if she was seeking $1 million to film the show, Keyshia said:
“It was a little more than that.”

Now, she doesn’t want to do ‘Love and Hip Hop’ at all.

“You know what, after all that stuff got thrown out there. I just didn’t like the energy of it all. So, I just said, ‘Nah, I’m cool, I’m alright.’”