gets advice from kids

*Actor, DJ, and all-around Hollywood hunk Idris Elba has received some dating advice from kids ahead of his Valentine’s Day date for Omaze’s latest charity fundraising campaign.

The campaign is in collaboration with W.E. Can Lead, an initiative dedicated to ensuring schoolgirls in Sierra Leone receive equal access to education — and offers viewers a shot at a Valentine’s Day date with him.

“That’s right, love,” Elba says in the promotional video. “Just you and me. No one else around. Just us.”

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win a date

Before Idris heads off on his date, he teamed up with a few kids who offered up the “Dos” and “Donts” of dating:

“You take the girl somewhere nice, like somewhere she likes—like a girl concert,” one kid recommended. “You pay for everything. And you agree with everything she says.” When Elba protested that, they were quick to admonish him. “It doesn’t matter about you. It matters about the girl!” one boy said.

When one girl said her ideal date would be James Bond, Elba shoots the camera a cheeky look.

Get into it via the clip below.

Anyone can enter the draw for the date, all fans have to do is visit Omaze’s website and donate to be entered for a chance to win. A $10 donation gets you 100 entries, a $25 donation earns 250 entries, and so on.

“We’ll get things started off with cocktails or perhaps champagne,” Elba says in the campaign video. “And once we’re feeling comfortable, we can order whatever your heart desires: Maybe some truffles, perhaps some steak, pepper soup and fufu. That’s an African dish. … And for dessert, you can have whatever you want and I mean, whatever you want.”

To enter for your chance to win a date with Idris, click here.