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*As they say on the streets, Nick Cannon‘s mouth damn near wrote a check his arse couldn’t cash. In other words, while trying to be funny he almost lost his job as host of “America’s Got Talent.”

It seems Cannon has highly perturbed some suits at NBC with a joke he made during a stand-up comedy special about a month ago. He told the audience that NBC was making him lose his “black card.” In other words, he was making it seem as if the network wanted him to show less hip-ness on “AGT.”

Sources familiar with the situation say NBC execs got wind of it when Nick was promoting the special on “The Howard Stern Show” … and thought he was diogging the network — a violation of his contract; his deal has a clause that bars him from talking about the network without approval.

We hear things got really serious at one point because he was close to being x-ed out if you get our drift. We’re thinking somebody reminded the somebody to STOP and THINK about how it would look if they did that in wake of the Tamron Hall/Megyn Kelly fiasco. The network is still nursing a black eye over that incident.

The bottom line is that they decided to let it slide, reports TMZ, as the execs ultimately decided Nick had simply made a passing comment. At the end of the day, everybody made up and all is well. He’ll continue host “America’s Got Talent” at its next taping in March.

Oh yeah, about that comedy special, it’s scheduled to air tonight on Showtime and we hear the “black card” comment is still in it.