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New Malcolm X Movie To Be Released This Year

*A Black Muslim, an ex-convict, a gifted orator, a skilled debater who stands as one of the most intelligent and equally controversial figures of the 1960s, Malcolm X is a cultural Icon.

In an attempt to introduce or re-introduce him to a generation of socially conscious and politically active young Black men and women in America, KuumbaNia Productions and 9Logic Films present; Message to The People: A Story of Malcolm X.

This independent film is a historical dramatization based on the life and words of Malcolm also known as El Hajj Malik El Shabazz.

Originally written as a stage production, Message to the People takes us through the life of Malcolm from a very personal, first person perspective. “The words that brother Malcolm spoke yesterday, the ideas he expressed yesterday are relevant and related to the issues that are being addressed today,” says Baba

Aundar, a cultural activist who wrote, produced and also portrays Malcolm X in the film. The views of Malcolm expressed in the film, challenge the notion that integration was the best solution for Black Americans. A story of Malcolm X encourages viewers to take a look in the mirror and ask hard questions about the choices we make as individuals as well as a community

“With a figure as strong and outspoken as Malcolm, we did not want to sensor his views or tone down his language in any way. So we chose to release it independently to maintain creative control and to bring you the raw and uncut Malcolm we’ve come to admire,” according to Born Logic Allah, the director and coproducer of the film.

Largely self-financed, this movie is 85% complete. Both Aundar and Born Logic have created a Kickstarter- crowdfunding campaign to raise the money needed to complete this project. Those interested can learn more and contribute to the film here:

This one hour production is set to hit the web in March of 2017 and select theaters in San Antonio, TX where the film was recorded. As a straight to DVD release and digital download, Message to the People: A Story of Malcolm X will also have an original music soundtrack to compliment the movie.

With the recent success of Hollywood and Independently produced African American films being released as of late, Message to the People is another one to add to your “must see” list. 9Logic is a Black-owned video marketing & production company based in San Antonio Texas.






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