johnny britt (la la land)

*Los Angeles, CA — Singer, trumpeter, producer and songwriter Johnny Britt had a busy year; both behind and in front of the motion picture camera. First, Britt appears in the 2017 Golden Globe Award winning film, La La Land and is featured as a trumpet soloist as a member of the band during one of the film’s climactic scenes in Paris.

Johnny who speaks fluent French lived and studied in Paris at the prestigious Conservatoire de Versailles had this to say about his experience.

“I related to this film because so much of the role that Ryan played as a jazz musician; paralleled my life in Paris working as a jazz musician and singer.”

Still flying high from being a part of La La Land, Britt got a call from renown composer Hans Zimmer to play solo trumpet for the soundtrack of the movie Hidden Figures; a film detailing the life of Katherine Johnson and her struggles as an African American woman working for NASA during the nascent stages of space exploration.

Hidden Figures was one of the most emotional recording sessions I’ve ever performed on. While I was in the booth playing my trumpet, I had tears in my eyes as I thought of all of the great African American women who have struggled and sacrificed for us all.”

johnny britt (hidden figures)

All of this came on the heels of his acclaimed recorded release, of “Marvin Meets Miles” Vol. 1.  Britt’s solo CD reimagining the music of two of Britt’s longtime musical exemplars, Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis.

Be on the lookout for Johnny’s new single “You Sure Love To Ball” featuring Marcus Miller and Wah Wah Watson.  Listen to song tracks on Johnny Britt’s “Marvin Meets Miles” Vol. 1 go to:  Google Play.  For more information, tour updates or bookings contact:





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