Use-ta-be-friends: Omarosa & April Ryan

*Omarosa the bully is in full effect mode … again.

The reality TV star and now member of the Trump administration, was seen in a heated argument with White House correspondent April Ryan, according to witnesses.

Ryan, the longtime reporter for AURN, said Manigault “physically intimidated” her in a manner that could have warranted intervention by the Secret Service.

Ryan also said Manigault made verbal threats, including the assertion that she (Ryan) was among several journalists that Trump officials had collected “dossiers” of negative information.

Wow. Oh really?

Meanwhile, Manigault, who used to be a friend of Ryan, declined to address Ryan’s accusations on the record with the Washington Post. However, she did issued this extremely brief statement:

“My comment: Fake news!” She did not specify what she considered false.

Of course we all know Omarosa from her appearances on Trump’s reality programs, “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice.” It was probably there that she honed her combative personality skills that led her to slice and dice rivals with ease. She also worked on Trump’s  presidential campaign, appearing multiple times as a surrogate in TV interviews. She was rewarded by Trump with a job in his administration as director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison in January.




Here’s more from the Washington Post:

The encounter between Manigault and Ryan took place outside White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s West Wing office late Wednesday. Among the witnesses were White House press office staffers and a Washington Post reporter, Abby Phillip.

Phillip said she didn’t hear every word of the women’s exchange but said Ryan told her afterward that she felt Manigault’s behavior was so threatening that it was “Secret Serviceable,” meaning that it rose to the level of law enforcement intervention.

Ryan, a veteran White House correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks, used the same phrase repeatedly in an interview. “She stood right in my face like she was going to hit me,” Ryan said. “I said, ‘You better back up.’ . . . She thought I would be bullied. I won’t be.”
Spicer did not respond to a request for comment.

The story goes on to say that the showdown apparently was the result of emails that Manigault sent to Ryan during the presidential campaign.

In October, Manigault sent Ryan an email raising questions about whether Ryan was being paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign — a claim Ryan vigorously denies. Manigault included a link to an article from the Intercept, which covers national security issues.

Oh Lawd! It’s gettin’ juicier by the moment. Get the rest at Washington Post.