Russell Simmons

*TMZ caught up with Russell Simmons outside of Serafina in L.A., where he was chatting up a group of young women…. trying to convince them to join him Sunday morning for free yoga at his studio.

While Russell may be a certified yogi and cultural icon, these girls don’t seem to know who he is. But once he mentions the celebs that will be attending his Soul Sunday yoga class, the ladies light up.

Check out the scene via the clip below:

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dismisses lawsuit

Stevie J’s defamation lawsuit against baby mama Joseline Hernandez was dismissed Wednesday by a Georgia judge, because he was a no-show for a scheduled hearing, TMZ reports.

As previously reported, Stevie sued Joseline in October for defamation after she continued to accuse him of molesting his daughter with reality star-turned-porn star Mimi Faust, which he denied. At the time Hernandez was pregnant with their first child together — Stevie’s sixth. She gave birth to a daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan, on December 28, 2016.

Stevie admits that he’s smitten with his new baby, and wants to squash all beef with Joseline. So he’s walking away from this lawsuit.