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*Sisqó is PISSED that an impostor received all sorts of perks at New York Fashion Week when people thought he was the real deal… and now he’s threatening to take legal action against the wannabe.

The former Dru Hill frontman tells TMZ that he initially found the impostor amusing, but after learning that he’s on the come up after cutting certain deals, Sisqó is no longer laughing.

Yeah… it ain’t funny when another man is profiting off your brand.

image via Twitter

image via Twitter

Fake Sisqó — reportedly Gavin Barnes — attended the Fashion Week event decked out in Sisqó’s trademark outfit … a Versace suit, blond hair and stunner shades. He scored front row seats to major Fashion Week events, including Kanye’s show.

Click here to view a gallery of pics of fake Sisqó during Fashion Week, and peep the clip below… ya boy Sisqó fuming about it.

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Clifton Powell

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Actor Clifton Powell became emotional with TMZ paps while recalling an old rape allegation. It’s an incident he’s trying to put behind him, but says the case has cost him dearly … and now he’s trying to make amends in Hollywood.

Powell, who appeared in the films ”Ray” and “Next Friday,” was spotted at LAX, where he opened up about the 4-year-old civil rape case against him, which has been thrown out.

Clifton gets pretty emotional recounting the case but he’s thankful for media outlets that “got it right.” He also hints at a lawsuit with those that didn’t.

Check out the clip below: