*We’ve got a bit of lightweight drama to tell you about regarding one of rapper/actor T.I.’s sons.

Akini Jeffrey, producer of the “Streetz Morning Takeover” in Atlanta, hosted by rapper Yungjoc and radio personality MoQuick on Streetz 94.5, hit us up to inform us of an incident involving the youngster.

Jeffrey says this morning the team received a tip from some employees at a Top Golf location  in Atlanta that one of T.I.’s sons had been harassed by the management who allegedly thought he smelled like weed.

“Our sources indicated that the management took it a step further and proceeded to make an attempt to search T.I’s son. Apparently T.I. got word to the incident and he wasn’t going for it. A representative of Top Golf by the name of Adrienne called us this morning to clear things up and to apologize to the Harris family. I have added the audio to this email.”

OK, there you have it. Check out the audio above. And thank you Akini Jeffrey for the tip … about Tip’s son.