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*Today, Thursday, February 9, “Black-ish” star Anthony Anderson sits down with “The Real and fills the ladies in on his new show “Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson.”  He also admits he’s an avid gardener and shares his favorite kind of animal.

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And, guest co-host Remy Ma reveals when she’s not rapping rhymes, she’s a huge Harry Potter enthusiast who’s planning on switching Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry houses from Gryffindor to Slytherin – tune in to find out why she’s going to the dark side! Plus, co-host Jeannie Mai jets off to Philadelphia for “The Real on the Road” where she will have a special prize for a deserving staff member who plays “Dimestore to Deluxe” at Community Academy of Philadelphia.

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Anthony Anderson’s Favorite Animal Is Not What You Think!

Remy Ma Is A Harry Potter Fanatic!

The Real On The Road” Takes Philadelphia


Remy Ma Is A Harry Potter Fanatic!

Remy Ma: I’ve been known to you know, get my wand on. [Points wand around.]

[The Real audience cheers and claps.]

Adrienne Houghton: Tell us what that is.

Remy: This is… this is actually Hermione’s wand from um Harry Potter.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: She’s my favorite!

Remy: From Harry Potter… she’s your favorite? She’s one of my favorites. I have a different favorite all the time.

Tamera: Who’s your favorite?

Remy: Well, right now I’m actually considering switching over to Slytherin from Hogwarts.

[Tamera gasps and the crowd reacts.]

Remy: I know. I know. Just listen, hear me out. Hear me out. I’ve been with Hogwarts for a while, for you people who don’t know.  I’ve been you know, [points at picture] you see my Hogwarts… my Harry Potter red get up. When I go to Universal, I have my outfit, I have my tie you know…

[The Real audience claps.]

Remy: I go shopping there like I’m in a designer department store.

Adrienne: When did you start being in love with Harry Potter?

Remy: Just the first with the first book. Like I totally followed it.

Adrienne: Read the book?

Remy: I read the book. I read the book and then I saw the movies.

Tamera: Wow!

Remy: And then I saw the movies again. And then I seen the other parts that branch off from the movies.

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