Shirt, windshield

*I will never forget the time a girlfriend told me that she had pulled up to her house late one night, and sat in her car for a while.

You know how we do, we have reached our destination, sit in the car listening to voice mail or checking our messages or even decide to make a call. Well, as she sat, she told me a hooded man ran up to her car and knocked on the window with a … wait for it…


Fortunately, after sounding the horn and scaring the man off, she was unharmed.

But that’s just how brazen these bad guys have become. For some women they consider women “easy prey.” I have come across a few tricks used by them that I want you to know about.

They’ve gotten really creative so think twice about stopping, or leaving your car if you see something out of the ordinary. Though I hate saying that because it could also be a serious and real opportunity to help someone — so instead of getting out and possible placing yourself in danger, call 911 and make them aware of the situation.

Here are some tricks bad guys use to lure women from their cars.

Shirt Wrapped Around Windshield Trick

A Flint Michigan woman recently got into her car and realized someone had draped a blue flannel shirt over the glass and secured it under the windshield wiper. Suspicious, instead of getting out of her car to remove it, she did something smart.

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