*In 2020, Harriet Tubman, is expected to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Fortunately, for us we can catch, Aisha Hinds, as Harriet Tubman on WGNs Underground,” starting March 8th.

John Legend has also been added to the cast, to play Frederick Douglass. EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas sat down with the crew and discovered their top picks for Douglass money.

Amirah Vann from WGNs 'Underground'

Amirah Vann from WGNs ‘Underground’

EUR: Which U.S. currency should we put Frederick Douglass’ face on?

Aldis Hodge: The hundred dollar bill

Amirah Vann: Let’s make a new bill.

Alano Miller: I want it to be on something we all use every single day. Like the dollar bill or quarter. I don’t want it to be on the hundred dollar bill.

Jasika Nicole: I’m going to put him on my credit card.

Misha Green: All the money! We should just take over all of the money.

underground1 - season2

underground2 - season 2

EUR: How are you like your character?

Alano Miller: Honesty. Cato is very honest. He means what he says and says what he means. I do it in a different way but I love that he is a person who says, ‘I am what I am, whether you like it or not.’

Amirah Vann: I’ve always looked at Mrs. Ernestine as a compliment to me. Her owning herself and who she is, has definitely made me a stronger woman. Spending time with her has been a gift. Like now I’ll say to myself, ‘you have an opinion, so stand in it and own it. Mrs. Ernestine does that. You can’t walk away from this kind of roll and cower.

Jasika Nicole: I love to sew and my character has a “sewing circle”…of course they don’t actually sew, they carry weapons.

Joe Pokaski and Misha Green Creators and Executive Producers of WGNs 'Underground'

Joe Pokaski and Misha Green Creators and Executive Producers of WGNs ‘Underground’

EUR: What key themes will viewers see in season two?

Joe Pokaski: The biggest thing we talked about is citizen versus soldier. Season one was about getting a cross this line, risking one’s life and being a hero. In season two, our characters learn getting a cross the line doesn’t give you freedom and doesn’t save everybody. So everyone is given a choice to either sit back or fight to change the world.