Vincent Brantley reflects on his days writing and producing for New Edition, while making big plans as a filmmaker via Vincent Brantley Entertainment.

Vincent Brantley reflects on his days writing and producing for New Edition, while making big plans as a filmmaker via Vincent Brantley Entertainment.

*An ambitious songwriter spots a music executive driving a Mercedes on LA’s Crenshaw Blvd. He and his friend decide to follow him.

They meet at Popeye’s Chicken in the neighborhood and pitch him on a song idea. As it turns out, the executive was the late Jheryl Busby of MCA/Universal, the songwriter was Vincent Brantley and his writing & producing partner was Rick Timas.

The song was Cool It Now, it was later recorded by New Edition and the rest is history. Cool it Now (a platinum single) is one of several hits produced by Vincent for New Edition. The songs were featured in the recent highly rated BET mini series.

Vincent Brantley to EURweb: “These days, I am always switching it up, learning something new and never counting on one aspect of the business but to continue to grow and be a student of the game.”

In January 2017, The New Edition Story aired on BET and music fans responded favorably as the Boston group’s life story played out from ambitious boys, to teen sensations to grown men. Vincent was so inspired he intimated that we might see his personal story played out one day.

Vincent Brantley: “It was really a point of destiny. I came into New Edition’s career at a point when they were leaving Street Wise Records and Maurice Starr. They had just signed a big deal with MCA Records and Jheryl Busby, and they were looking for that next break out hit to establish them.”

Vincent went from struggling artist to hit songwriter and producer, thanks to a chance encounter in South L. A. at the corner of Crenshaw and King Boulevard. As for the TV movie, Vincent says the production team did a sensational job that was validating on many levels.

Vincent continues to do a lot of amazing things in music and in film. He is fixed on exploring different and creative ways to tell stories to educate and entertain. Brantley has garnered over 50 awards and commendations for songwriting, producing and performing. Vincent provided vocal work on Paramore’s platinum single Ain’t It Fun, which also won a Grammy for Best Pop Rock Single of 2014. Vincent also displayed his skills with Ziggy Marley for a Grammy Award winner for Best Reggae album. Currently, Vincent is doing vocal work with budding superstar Kiana Lede for Republic Records.

Although Vincent has had a known connection to New Edition over the years, he never knew of Rick Bells’ drug problems. However, Vincent understands that beneath the shine of gold and platinum records are many careers that have been tarnished by personal demons and addictions.

Vincent Brantley: “It’s obviously painful to watch people that you admire have such an awful challenge of addiction. My back story is that my father was an addict, it is something that I address in my new documentary (ROAD BACK). What a lot of people don’t know is that often times the music comes from the pain and the struggles that we have, and we use that pain to free ourselves. Cool It Now was born through pain and the struggles I endured as a kid.”

Vincent worked as the writer, producer and director of his documentary ROAD BACK that has been selected as the center piece for the Hollywood Black Film Festival and is sponsored by Intermountain Health Care. Vincent is far from being complacent and he has created a reputation that speaks for itself in many capacities.

Vincent Brantley: “At this point in my career I let the game come to me, I don’t really hustle music the way I used to.”

His major platform these days is film. He offers this anecdote for longevity in the entertainment business.

Vincent Brantley: “Stay curious, try to learn everything, don’t just rely on popularity or how many clicks you get or how many people are admiring you today. Good looks fade but substance lasts forever. Learn as much about the business side as you can… that is what will keep you alive.”

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