racist radio

*Bob Romanik, a radio host at KQQZ 1190 AM — whose show was once declared a platform for “hate speech” — is back in the headlines following a racist rant aimed at rapper Waka Flocka.

Romanik’s racist tirade was in response to Flocka claiming that he uses a Trump jersey as an ass-wiping device. Bob called Waka a “greasy black n*gger son of a bitch” during a broadcast last month. A listener recorded a portion of the comments and shared them to YouTube. You can listen to it via the clip below.

“Waka Flocka, he took a good crap on our president-elect’s shirt,” Romanik said. “Our white president. Now if it had been another black man — you think, you think that Trump has done anything to this man? Trump will probably do more for this black n*gger than Obama’s ever done for the proud black community. In my opinion of course. Think about it! We’re talking about Waka Flocka, that greasy black n*gger son of a bitch.”

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Romanik followed up by trying to defend his use of the word “n*gger” by rambling nonsense about “black-on-black crime.”

Waka Flocka says that if the St. Louis radio personality doesn’t lose his job — then he’ll have to take matters into his own hands.

via TMZ:

Waka dropped a blistering rant when we asked him about Bob Romanik — or as he calls him, that “disgrace to white America.” Romanik fired the first shot last month … when he repeatedly called Waka the n-word.

Waka tells us he can’t believe it’s cool for Romanik to use that kind of language without any consequences — but told us he has his own plan to deal with that “white cracker.”

Although he’s not a fan of #45 (AKA Donald Trump), Waka says the whole Trump jersey incident was taken out of context.

Check out what Waka had to say about the matter via the clip below: