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*Emmy-Award winning TV personality and cannabis ambassador Montel Williams hopped on a cross country flight from his residence in Florida to make a brief appearance at the CannaCool Lounge, a swank nightspot near Downtown LA where he accepted a lifetime achievement award for using his celebrity to bring awareness to the healing properties of medical marijuana.

The ceremony was part of a cannabis convention that featured an abundance of weed-infused products, including Williams’ new medical marijuana line called LenitivLabs.

“I’ve been fighting for the legalization of marijuana for nearly 20 years, when no one else was fighting,” Williams vehemently explained to everyone in attendance. “I have put a lot time, effort and money into advancing scientific research to prove that marijuana is among the most effective sources of medication on the planet.”

Williams, 60, has long used medical marijuana in an effort to manage the chronic pain stemming from his Multiple Sclerosis, with which he was diagnosed in 1999. Williams, then a father of four, began experiencing a new, more severe symptom that he couldn’t ignore: an extreme burning pain in his legs. He had an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging scan that takes detailed pictures of a person’s central nervous system, which can show lesions, or areas where there may be damage), which finally led doctors to MS. He later went public with his MS diagnosis.

“With the issue of full legalization dominating the conversation, it’s critical not to forget patients who have specific needs with respect to cannabis, including strains that might be less profitable in the marketplace,” Williams said in a statement.


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Williams has been a therapeutic cannabis candidate for years, and he says his new brand will strive to enable sick individuals to obtain the treatment they need.

“I experience neuropathic pain 24 hours a day because of my MS,” Williams said. “My physicians recommended cannabis as part of my treatment seventeen years ago, and I’ve used it ever since. Only someone suffering from a debilitating disease can understand cannabis’s therapeutic value.”

The LenitivLabs brand made its debut at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition in L.A. on Tuesday, the first official day of the convention.

Williams has regularly pushed for lawmakers to reform medical marijuana policies in a slew of states, as well as at the federal level, since being diagnosed with MS.

Shortly after Williams received his award, he sat down with EURweb to discuss the impact that marijuana has made on his life, and the lives of others.