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*In what she describes in court as a desperate attempt to save her 2-year-old daughter from her enraged, jealous ex, Jessica Wilson is seen in a dramatic video exiting a car with a child in her arms at the drive thru McDonald’s window and attempts to hand the toddler over to the waiting arms of a McDonald’s employee. Prosecutors say the worker told Wilson, “Hand the child to me.”

In the video, the man who was apparently driving the car, and has been identified as the father of the young child, immediately jumped out of the car to obstruct Wilson’s attempts and snatched the child just as she was about to be handed over, put the child back into the car (with her siblings) and drove off.

Wilson was left desolate and badly beaten, with two black eyes, bruises, a cut on her head, and a bite mark on her hand.begging someone to “please call 911.”

You didn’t have to witness this first-hand to feel the horror. And although no one ever knows exactly what went down prior to what the pictures actually show, I ask you.

Does it really matter?

Aren’t we sick and tired of seeing or hearing about children being used as pawns because the parents can’t get it together? In this case, all I can even care about is the fact that a child / children are in danger.

And pictures don’t lie — at least not this one.

With that said, this is how things were described in court.

Read more and peep the disturbing footage at EURThisNthat.