*Yeah, you read that right. In the election last Fall, the one where we are living the devastating results now…The where two of 10 wise points of advice shared online by Bernice King and others said don’t say HIS name…don’t refer to his [weird] color…

Yes, that election. 

In an early and often move it has now been revealed that 31 people in Michigan actually voted two times. The “error” was pointed out after a partial statewide recount investigation of the presidential race raised questions about how ballots were handled in Detroit.

But according to a separate report by the state Bureau of Elections it was human error, not fraud or equipment failure, that caused mismatches between the number of ballots cast in some Detroit precincts and the number of voters.

The recount was halted by a judge after three days. But is it any surprise that officials claim it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of Mr. Orange-face’s slim victory in Michigan over Hillary Clinton.

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