*Miami native Courtney Barnes underwent three rounds of illegal ‘butt shots’ six years ago at an illegal “pumping party” held in the U.S., and now she’s hoping to capitalize off her deformed shape.

The 32-year-old cam-girl and model didn’t intend to have a 59 inch bottom, but she’s not miserable with the end result because she wants to “show men, women, and children that it is possible to be beautiful, smart, and have a big ass.”

According to reports, Courtney decided to have the illegal silicone injections after working as a dancer whilst studying.

Courtney said: “It was a risk I was willing to take at the time and I was lucky not to have any complications.”

The injections contain unknown substances as well as silicone, and are often administered by people with no medical expertise. If the substance is accidentally injected into a vein, it can cause death within minutes.

Courtney said: “Many people ask me ‘are these injections dangerous?’ And the answer is yes. “Even if it isn’t fatal immediately you don’t know how it is affecting your body. These are very dangerous products that are being injected.”

“I don’t know for sure what they injected me with. But when I got it, she said it was like some hydrogel, some kind of silicone that they normally put in gummy bear implants. You don’t know how your body is going to react. It is still something foreign that’s in your body. It’s a gamble.”

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59 inch bottom

Even though she decided that having an abnormally large ass is the best way entice men to part ways with their dollars, Courtney is worried that people don’t take her seriously and over-sexualize her.

“I feel like having a really big butt or having really big boobs, you are completely over-sexualized,” she said. “People only want to buy something sexual from you and only want to consider you in that way but I actually have a brain and I’m very business-minded.”

“People stare at me everywhere I go and not every reaction is positive. I feel like women are intimidated by me and men view me as a piece of meat. I’m actually quite a shy person and being looked at constantly can make me feel uncomfortable sometimes. Two times in my life I’ve had guys pumping gas at the gas station and they are watching me and they drive off with pump in their car. It’s crazy, they just lose focus.”

The former economics student turned cam-girl credits her studies for providing her with the business savvy to turn her big ol’ butt into a lucrative hustle.

She said: “What I do may be different, but my product is myself right now and my bottom is basically my bread and butter.”

59 inch bottom