*Here in the land of the normals, it is hard to imagine A-list celebrities playing online bingo between interviews and photo shoots. Still, there is a variety of celebrities including members of Britain’s royal family who absolutely love the game as much as we do.

After all, why wouldn’t they? Bingo is a lot of fun, it’s a social experience even when we’re playing online and it engages parts of the brain that may not be activated during other activities. Plus, there is so much variety when it comes to the types of games that even the most dedicated players could never get bored.

For instance, online bingo site Sun Bingo has five different versions of bingo on the go at any one time, including 90-ball, 75-ball and 80-ball editions. It also has special offers such as spend £10 and play for £40 or holiday giveaways as well as a great community vibe with its chat hosts and chat games. So of course celebrities would love bingo as much as us, and here are just a few of our fellow bingo fans!

Robbie Williams

bingo2 - robbie williams

As far as boyband members turned legendary solo artists go, Robbie Williams is one of the most famous to ever have existed. For years it has been known that the former Take That singer loves 90-ball bingo and he has been pictured by the paparazzi playing online numerous times. Williams has even taken part in and won Hollywood bingo competitions, often giving the majority of his winnings to charities including Breast Cancer Research.

Russell Crowe

Can you imagine going online and chatting to your fellow bingo lovers only to discover you’ve been conversing with Russell Crowe? Well, whilst this may be unlikely there is still a possibility as the Australian actor is renowned for playing. His love for the game began when Crowe was just 22 years old as he worked for a local bingo hall. Though the Gladiator star was eventually fired due to being too graphic when calling numbers, he has continued to play in his spare time.

The Queen of England & Prince William

bingo3 - queen of england

It’s difficult to really know what the royals get up to in their spare time, but according to multiple sources Queen Elizabeth and Prince William both enjoy a good game of bingo. In 2006, Wills invited many of his friends to a bingo club near the Sandhurst military academy the prince was attending, whilst the Queen often requests a game of bingo on Christmas Day.

Christiano Ronaldo

As the Real Madrid striker and perhaps one of the most famous soccer players in the entire world, it is hard to imagine Christiano Ronaldo playing bingo. However, even he has admitted to his obsession, stating that his love for bingo began after he was given a bingo DVD game to help him improve his English. “It can be very exciting,” Ronaldo told the Daily Star in 2008, “because you can be there waiting for a long time for just the one number to make the game complete.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones

bingo4 - catherine zeta jones & michael douglas

Growing up in the valleys of Wales, Catherine Zeta-Jones often played bingo with her friends and family. Now, Zeta-Jones is known to host ‘bingo parties’ alongside her husband Michael Douglas, though she has transitioned across to the 75-ball US version since leaving Britain. In our version of bingo, there is 5×5 grid featuring 25 of a possible 75 numbers, which means you have a one-in-three chance of getting a number.

Mick Jagger

Whilst we can sort of get our heads around Robbie Williams enjoying a good game of bingo, Mick Jagger is a little bit more difficult to imagine. As one of the most integral and influential rock ‘n’ roll stars of all time, you would think that Jagger’s infamous moves included air guitaring or dad-dancing, not dabbing numbers. Still, Jagger apparently throws numerous bingo parties at his home and many of his closest friends and family members are often in attendance.

Courteney Cox

bingo5 - courtney cox

Though Courteney Cox was never seen playing bingo with the cast of Friends (one of the best TV shows ever, by the way), she is renowned in the celebrity world for playing games of bingo with her real-life friends. Rickki Lake, Paris Hilton and many other celebs have joined Cox for a game at her home, and we just hope that we get an invite at some point in the future!

It seems that celebrities are just like us, with far more commonplace hobbies than you would think. So, next time you’re playing online bingo take a moment to check over other player’s screen names, as you never know: Gladiator_01 or QueenLiz1926 could be big stars!