Baby breastfeeding

*Wow, few women may be aware that their newborn could actually starve to death accidentally, because you couldn’t produce enough milk to breastfeed…exclusively.

Jillian Johnson suffered a mother’s nightmare when she lost her son, Landon, 19 days after he was born because she felt pressured to breast feed but hadn’t produced enough milk to do so.

“If I had given him just one bottle, he would still be alive,” Johnson writes in a blog post for the non-profit organization Fed Is Best. “If only I could go back in time.”

PEOPLE magazine reports, Fed is Best advocates for safe breastfeeding — including supplementing with formula when medically necessary or strictly formula feeding for those who want or need to — in response to the tragic stories of mothers accidentally starving their babies, according to co-founders Jody Segrave-Daily RN, and Dr. Christine Del Castillo-Hegyi.

In the case of Johnson and her son Landon, inadequate milk supply in the first days of the baby’s life ultimately resulted in his death just weeks later. Johnson never imagined that pressure to exclusively breastfeed (inspired by the old adage that breast milk is the best milk) could result in the fatality.

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