Black man, imaginary, blamed

*A Hispanic man in New York who accidentally shot himself in the stomach could think of no better excuse than to tell cops he was shot by a bald Black man.

Thing is…there was no bald Black man. He imagined, no lied, about the whole thing.

Sounds like he took a page from crazy-ass Lindsey Lohan’s Book of Lies. Remember years back she did the same thing? In a drunk-driving incident — where witnesses saw her practically fall over trying to touch her nose — she claimed to cops, “I wasn’t driving, the Black kid was!

Well, according to the Daily News, 20-year-old Arthur Palombo told the cops he was on his way to  Williamsbridge Oval Park in the Bronx to meet someone he’d first met a few weeks back to sell them a gun. But he added that the person, “a bald Black guy,” didn’t want to pay the $100 price tag and instead, shot him in the stomach.

Ain’t that a bitch?

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