Bono, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama leave Upland (Getty Images)

Bono, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama leave Upland.

*The Obamas and Bono did lunch in New York today and had crowds at the restaurant “hooting and howling,” a witness told Page Six.

The U2 singer joined former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama at Stephen Starr’s restaurant Upland earlier today (March 10), and all hell broke loose.

“Everyone in the restaurant knew they were there,” a source told Page Six of patrons who were tipped off by “tons” of Secret Service in the Gramercy eatery. “There was a major buzz in the air.”

With no way to avoid the crowds, the threesome had to walk through the main area to get to their private dining room downstairs for a “casual lunch.” According to witnesses, Bono and Barack entered first and Michelle followed behind.

Page Six reported: “Excited guests were ‘hooting and howling’ as they exited the restaurant, and we’re told Barack Obama “flashed his million-dollar smile” as he waved to the crowd.”