joni sledge

*Earlier we reported on the death of Joni Sledge, of the iconic singing group Sister Sledge. She died after being discovered unconscious at her home in Arizona on Friday. She was 60.

In a special remembrance/tribute to Joni, Full Force member Bowlegged Lou writes that ironically that on Friday he had just posted a snap of him and Kathy Sledge (see below) and then he found out that her sister Joni had died.

But Lou also added some important info about Kathy and Joni who had made news because of their years of serious feuding. However, Lou says Kathy told him that she and Joni did in fact mend their differences just recently in January.

Here’s Bowlegged Lou on Joni Sledge’s passing:

Bowlegged Lou / full force…. So crazy & ironic that I posted this picture of me & Kathy Sledge yesterday on social media just because and then today her beloved sister Joni Sledge passes away.

I just got off the phone with Kathy and the one positive thing is I had asked her if she and Joni ever made peace with their past negative differences with each other and she told me this January they both got together and threw all their differences aside and loved & hugged on each other like the sisters they are and all was forgiven just this January.

I told her better late than never and thank God because those were great words to hear. Sisters reunited again before Joni’s passing. Cause of death is unknown right now and to my knowledge, Joni wasn’t even ill.


kathy sledge & bowlegged lou1

Kathy Sledge and Bowlegged Lou

This is why I always tell everybody to not hold onto grudges but for so long because life is so short and you just never know,especially when it comes to family.

Anybody out there who is holding a grudge with family or friend…why not make that phone call and forgive no matter who’s wrong? Holding a grudge is like letting that situation live rent free in your mind and heart.

Rest in peace Joni Sledge. By the way….I see Sister Sledge with the other two beloved sisters reuniting with Kathy all for the love and memory of Joni. God is good! #WeAreFamily