*We saw this video over the weekend on Facebook, but didn’t have any details. Now have more info, but still no names. The thing that worries us is that the beating by the cop seemed to NEVER stop … long after the suspect was apprehended (WATCH).

Here’s the deal. In Vallejo, California a cop who was caught on video brutally beating a man is being accused of using excessive force. His conduct is currently being investigated.

The incident occurred Friday afternoon after police were called to a gas station where a man was acting “crazy,” authorities said.

The first police officer who arrived chased the suspect for several minutes before the suspect sat down on the street and was knocked to the ground, witnesses said.

“The kid surrendered,” one witness, who asked not to be named, told KPIX-TV. “The cop, on the other hand, came up right behind him and he was tired too. But he immediately dove on the kid and started wailing on him.”

However, the officer is seen on video repeatedly punching the suspect with his fists and flashlight while the suspect shouts “I am God, I am God.”

The two appeared to struggle on the ground and the officer — shouting profanities — eventually placed handcuffs on the man.

Neither the suspect nor the officer were identified.

vallejo cop beating man1

Local law enforcement experts say even though the video was difficult to watch — the officer used appropriate force during the arrest.

“That’s what they’re trained to do,” police trainer Don Cameron told the station. “When we’re down on the ground, we want to get the person in custody as quickly as we can, and we use personal weapons.”

The NY Daily News says former Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said the officer’s initial contact was appropriate but is concerned that he continued using that same force on the suspect after another backup officer rushed to the scene.

The Internal Affairs department is investigating the incident and the officer’s actions, police said.

The beaten suspect faces charges of resisting arrest and being under the influence. Watch the video ABOVE.