Kimberly Ellis

Kimberly Ellis

OAKLAND, Calif. – With the first Congressional endorsements in the race to lead the largest Democratic Party organization outside of Washington, D.C., Kimberly Ellis—the progressive backed candidate for California Democratic Party Chair added several big names in her supporter column: Rep. Jackie Speier, Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, Rep. Anna Eshoo and Rep. Ro Khanna.  If elected in May, Ellis would be only the third female to lead the state’s Democratic Party in 34-years and the first woman of color.

“Kimberly is clearly inspiring new grassroots activists, longtime progressive organizers and seasoned Party leaders. While the California Democratic Party has not fully healed from a tough primary last June, it’s remarkable how these two sides are coming together. Kimberly is getting our Party to look ahead, not behind,”said Rep. DeSaulnier.

“[The energy of this Party] is with the grassroots, not with the elites… we need fundamental reform of the Party in California and at the national level. I’m supporting Kimberly Ellis for the role of California Chair. We need new voices; we need people who are going to make this Party more inclusive and have new people run for office,” said Rep. Khanna last week on the nationally syndicated KQED Forum.

The injection of progressives into California’s County Democratic Central Committees last June and a sweeping sea change in party delegates from Assembly Districts this past January has completely remade the composition of the race giving Ellis a clear path to victory in May at this year’s annual State Party convention.

“I’m deeply honored to have the support of these incredible leaders in Congress. Collectively, they represent both our fresh voices and our seasoned hands – which we need to successfully fight this radical Republican agenda,” said Ellis. “Consistently on the campaign trail I hear from our longest serving activists that they want new blood and are welcoming the new energy with open arms. It’s clear that there is no longer a place in the California Democratic Party for elitist attitudes. We’re expanding the tent and adding new voices to our ranks – and we’re a better Party for it.”

Kimberly Ellis has revolutionized Democratic politics in California through her work as the first African American Executive Director in Emerge America’s national network.  Kimberly has dedicated her career to supporting, training, and inspiring Democratic women to step into political power all across California.  In seven years and under her leadership, Emerge California greatly expanded its reach, effectiveness, and visibility. More than half of Emerge California’s 400 alumnae currently serve in elected or appointed office. Kimberly’s commitment to diversifying the state’s political landscape to become truly and authentically reflective of its electorate can be seen in the Emerge alumnae: 56% are women of color.

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