silhouette deep thinker

*I admit, I’m a deep thinker. Not in some that makes me brilliant, braggadocios kind of way, but I’m a writer so its kind of “par for the course.”

I see it as both a blessing and a curse. On the blessing side, I am rarely, if ever, stuck when it comes to communicating. I can strike up and carry a conversation with anyone without skipping a beat.

I am rarely or never stuck when it comes to thinking up topics to write about; be it for a letter, an article, column, responding to a question (unless its absolutely out-of-this-world ridiculous!) or lately, even coming up with what I believe would be an interesting book.

The curse part is my mind never turns off. You’ve heard that before I’m sure. You certainly don’t have to be a writer to be “cursed” in this way; but its pretty much a sure thing if you are. As a deep thinker I am always questioning things, and always learning — about myself, and about others. Sometimes I find myself wondering about the weirdest things. Just yesterday, I thought to myself, (and please forgive me for this) why is a man’s penis called a dick? Not only that, but why is someone who is acting like a complete jerk often referred to as a dick? I mean who started that? Weird right?


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