daycare worker

*OMG…What was life like before video cameras were everywhere?

While some of us say crime appears to be at an all time high, others say not really, its just being caught on camera. I tend to agree.

Now that practically everyone is carrying a smart phone, its not so easy to do your dirt in private. Take the Pennsylvania daycare worker who was recently fired after a surveillance camera appeared to show her pushing a four-year-old child down the stairs.

According to Good Morning America, a surveillance camera (scroll down) shows a child at the top of the stairs and the female daycare worker behind the child. The worker appears to push the child down the stairs. The child falls down the steps, on the landing below — the first of two. But then, the daycare worker looks up and spots the camera. She then goes down the steps and assists the child in getting up, then helps the child walk down the second set of stairs.

The video is brutal…and “allegedly” aside, this b*tch clearly appears to push the child. But I digress…

According to Good Morning America, on Monday, Delaware County police Superintendent Michael Chitwood identified the worker as Sarah Gable, 52, of Folcroft, Pennsylvania. Gable is charged with simple assault, harassment and endangering the welfare of children, according to court documents.

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