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Chandra Harris Lost 74 Lbs Without Exercise + Startup – Extreme Weight Loss Protocol – Gears up to Help Others

*Chandra Harris is the co-founder of Fit, Firm, and Fabulous which produces the Extreme Weight Loss Protocol system. She and her husband, Mark Harris, started the company out of necessity. Chandra knew that being overweight was causing most of the overall health concerns that she was dealing with.

“At some point, you get sick and tired of being sick and tired,” says Chandra. “Going to visit the doctor was never good she explains. He would always remind me of my blood pressure, diabetes and constant fatigue.”

In 2007, she made a decision to become healthier and lose the excess fat she had gained over the years. She craved all the wrong foods. Chandra says, “Not only did I eat the wrong stuff, but I ate late at night.” Through trial and error, she created a formula and system that has helped her control her cravings, give her energy and detox her body to remove all the “junk” she ate all those years. In the end, she lost 74 pounds.

Based in the Philadelphia area, Fit, Firm, and Fabulous provides their customers with the necessary tools to control cravings, to detox, to increase energy and to burn excess fat. In addition, she provides a meal guide to help her customers make better food choices. “My goal,” says Chandra, “was to become healthy, fit and well… and to help others.”

The company, which is now 10-year old company, helps the community in two ways. “First, we inform people of the need to make better food choices. Second, we provide a great income opportunity for our team members,” she says.

“Most of our 800+ consultant entrepreneurs started out using our amazing products. They loved their weight loss results, and wanted to join the team,” she states. Many of them earn a full-time income working only a few hours a week. “I am so happy and pleased to be able help so many people to get their bodies healthy… and their bank accounts as well,” Chandra adds.

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