Common (TMZ)

Common (TMZ)

*Common is the latest rapper to defend Snoop Dogg in the wake of the controversy over “Lavender” video, which depicts the Long Beach emcee shooting a clown named Ronald Klump with a toy gun.

“Hip-hop always been about freedom of expression, that’s one of the most powerful things,” rapper Common told TMZ on Wednesday (March 15). “Hip-hop has been like a voice for so many people… If you go think about the days of Public Enemy and you fast-forward to Kendrick Lamar, hip-hop artists have always been speaking up and saying what they feel… if it’s a president they don’t like, if it’s a politician they don’t like… if you didn’t like what was going on you speak up and we’re entitled to do that as people.”

Watch below:

Meanwhile, Snoop has finally responded to the controversy – sort of. He also took to Instagram Wednesday (March 15) to say he had nothing to say about it.

“They all want to ask me questions and interview me but guess what?,” he said. “I’ve got nothing to say mate,” he added in an Australian accent, ending the short clip with a satisfied grin.

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