Michael Lee

Michael Lee

*What on earth could have transpired to make a man kick a woman nearly nine months pregnant in her stomach? That is the question of the hour.

Rumor has it Ms. Natasha Rodney and Mr. Michael Lee, 40, were on a crowded subway train when they bumped into each other…

From then on things allegedly became intentionally violent, as witnesses claim Ms. Rodney pushed Mr. Lee to the floor and in response, Lee kicked her in the stomach…twice.

Now as a native New Yorker, I have been on many a crowded subway, and I smell something wrong here. First of all, if a subway is crowded there is NO ROOM for a person to be pushed on the floor. But then again, a woman CAN be kicked if a man is lying on his back.

I mean just picture it.

Lee’s lawyer, Lance Fletcher, responds to the claims: “My client is in a position where he is fending off a violent attack from this woman and we don’t have a lot of the details here. Who responds to something that way on the subway train?,” He adds, “I believe ultimately this case is not going to be indicted.”

Good luck with that…

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