*It seems Eddie Murphy really is working on a sequel to “Coming to America.” According to sources close to the project, Murphy is in the early writing stages.

So far there’s no word on which original cast members would return because he’s still fine tuning the plot. So, it really could happen, but folks are trippin’ on how it ended up on Twitter ’cause Eddie doesn’t do social media.

Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

The Wednesday night post simply said, “Coming to America sequel?” with a pic of Vanessa Bell Calloway in character. Eddie’s camp tells us he doesn’t tweet. Our sources say he has a social media team to do that stuff.

The tweet and Eddie’s whole account have since been deleted. That’s most likely because we’re told there was a plan to post something like this, but it wasn’t supposed to happen yet. As we said, Eddie’s still writing.

The premature release caught fans and Princess Imani by surprise. Vanessa (seen in the video above), who’s barely aged in the nearly 30 years since the original film, told us she’s ready to go.


eddie murphy - coming to america tweet

With the Trump White House being as Unwelcome as it can possibly be due to its nationalist bent, we wonder how plausible a revamped “Welcome to America” will be.

But what about the fans. What do they have to say about a sequel? Well, wonder no more. Here’s a sampling: