*Edi Gathegi is no lightweight having starred in the “X-Men” and “Twilight” series; but one of his heaviest roles is that of Matias Solomon in NBC TV’s “The Blacklist: Redemption,” “The Blacklist” spinoff.

EURweb talked exclusively to Edi about “Redemption” and why viewers are hooked.

EUR: For those not familiar with the show, what is the draw?

EDI GATHEGI: If you like ‘The Blacklist,’ ‘Mission Impossible,’ and ‘Suicide Squad,’ type action and storylines, you will like ‘Redemption.’ We’re anti-heroes working for a private organization that the government can’t say they’re involved in.

EUR: There’s always secrecy surrounding spoilers, but how relevant is the subject matter with what’s going on in the world today?

EG: That’s a great question and that’s one of things if I’m being frank, which I’m most excited about, is the creators’ lack of fear in leaning into the current political climate. I think that’s the strength of our show quite honestly is the storylines that the audience is going to watch and be a part of.

EUR: With such an impressive track record, is there a role you’re looking forward to doing?

EG: That’s another great question. I haven’t thought about this in a long time. I want to revisit a transgender character that I played in a short film, which was challenging. And I would love to do another superhero movie.


Matias (Edi Gathegi) at work in 'The Blacklist: Redemption.'

Matias (Edi Gathegi) at work in ”The Blacklist: Redemption.’ (Will Hart/NBC)

EUR: Is there anything we don’t know about you that you think we should know?

EG: I have fallen in love with directing. I directed my first short film and we’re cutting it right now. I think directing will be a huge part of my career and I just can’t wait to see what opportunities make themselves available to me.

EUR: But do you also miss the blockbusters?

Very much. I’ve had the good fortune of bouncing around through all the different, various mediums in this craft and it has been a blessing. I got the opportunity to be in some great movies and be on network television. I’m also on cable and I’ve got a handful of indies that I’ve worked on. So I think I’m ready to get back into a big franchise. But I’m very, very happy with what I get to do right now which is, by the grace of God, a lot!

“The Blacklist: Redemption” airs Thursday 10/9c.

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