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Female Automotive Designer, Denise Gray Talks to ‘Auto Trends’ With

*The Black Woman Whose Going Full Charge After Elon Musk’s Teslas Talk One-On-One On SiriusXM’s “Auto Trends with

While the world is familiar with Elon Musk and his line of mass produced, all-electric Teslas that achieves just

over 200 miles on a battery charge, Denise Gray, whose a much quieter player in the hybrid and electric battery field, is one of the pioneers revolutionizing the industry, too.

Gray and her team are directly responsible for designing and developing battery packs to fuel, no pun intended, such vehicles as GM’s new Tesla fighter, the mass produced Chevy Bolt. Like the California built Teslas, the all-electric Bolt, which is priced at $30,000 with the $7,500 federal tax credit, also has a driving range that surpasses 200 miles on a full battery charge. Conversely, unlike the pricey $70,000 plus luxury Teslas,

the Bolt is currently the only affordable ‘green’ alternative on the market today to Musk’s luxury electric vehicles — until their more reasonably priced Model 3 hit the road.

Ironically, Gray, whose single mother worked tirelessly for years on an assembly line manufacturing cars, is leading a company that supplies a major component  to a number of assembly plants being installed in several

of  today’s ‘green cars’.

Gray, who serves as CEO and president of the North American battery division of LG Chem Power, which is a part of the Korean-based company LG Chem, is currently the only black woman holding the two titles for a major

automotive supplier. “Arguably this ‘Hidden Figure’ is the most influential black woman in the automotive industry, especially as it relates to ‘green car’ technology,” according to Jeff Fortson, the host and executive producer of “Auto Trends with”.

Some of LG Chem Power automotive clients include Gray’s former employer, General Motors, as well as Volvo, Ford Motor Company and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Tune in this weekend to “Auto Trends with” as Gray talks about how her engineering background personally played a hand in the game changing battery being placed in some of today’s innovative hybrid plug ins and all-electric cars, as well as the extremely risky career moves she made centered around family that led to her second act. Also during the engaging conversation, the science and math whiz shares advice every woman in their 20s should heed, as they seek to carve out their own life path.

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