Freddie Prinze, Jr. I remember your daddy!

Freddie Prinze, Jr. I remember your daddy!

*You’ve heard the saying, “Everything that sparkles ain’t gold” right? Well, suffice it to say that doesn’t only apply to jewelry. In this case, it represents all of the people who have made it to the celebrity list…without the celebrity money. So what do they do?

Like the chorus of the old Silhouettes song sings: “Get A Job.”

Listen, the reality of the entertainment industry, in the event you didn’t know, is, everyone has a periodic lull. Nobody is working and getting paid in their craft all the time. Now let’s be real, if you’re making several million dollars an episode on a network TV gem or a blockbuster film, your pain is going to be different than the pain of someone making a fraction of that.

So it should be no big surprise that there are people whose name we may recognize that we may very well see standing behind the counter at the post office saying, “How can I help you.”

I’m not even going to front, I would have the hardest time keeping a straight face if I happened upon this.

Vanilla Ice (aka Rob Van Winkle):


OK, so its been a while since his hit, Ice. Ice. Baby.  But back in the ’90’s Vanilla Ice was the sh*t! Too bad he was kind of a one-hit wonder. What we thought (and he hoped) was going to be his life-changing contribution had him trading in that golden mic for a hammer when he began renovating — and then flipping — homes. Shout out to Vanilla Ice!

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